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Businesses and organisations have had to work harder and harder to keep up over the last few years as the world was rocked by the pandemic and you may be a business owner or manager, struggling to hold onto good employees as they seek more flexible options for working that you may not feel you can offer. Everyone wants more for their money and with the rising cost of living there is a climate of worry and tension. All these factors impact not just on how your employees feel in their general life but also how they feel at work and consequently interact with each other.

In any organisation, people stay where they feel valued. This is just as much about how you show your appreciation, to how employees treat each other.  Building a culture of connection leads to happier employees who are more engaged with their work and each other.  In the long run, this means increased productivity and more loyal staff.  Coaching is a way of investing in your staff, showing that they matter to you and that their ideas are important. If you are worried about how your business or organisation can weather the storm and hold onto its experienced employees then get in touch to discuss a way forward today.

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