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"Shame dies,
when stories
are told in
safe places."

Ann Voskamp

Counselling is an opportunity to talk with a trained professional about what's going on in your life, what's worrying you and what you are feeling.

As a counsellor I'm there to listen to you, not judge you.
To hear what you are saying and what you're not.

To sit with you in your stuckness and in your distress.

To be there with you, supporting you to navigate your way from where you are to where you want to be.

heartspaces: counselling


heartspace counselling

It's important to choose a counsellor that feels right for you. With the right counsellor you should feel safe, as you get to know them, to take what may feel like a risk but to share the stuff that feels uncomfortable. That's not to say it won't feel scary and it may not happen straight away but with the right counsellor you should feel safe and protected even if your experiences in the past have been scary and unsafe. I will work with you, listening sensitively to your experiences, believing you and how you feel. Supporting you to look after your mental health and wellbeing and through taking care of yourself to start to really act with love and kindness to yourself.


How I work

I use a trauma informed approach to create a safe base, where trust can be built, where feelings can be expressed as they are felt, not in some perfect language but in a way that they stumble, fall, flow out.

The 'how' of therapy, the 'how' of living, the 'how' we relate and respond to others, matters.

I know that compassion and whole hearted living and relating are principle to 'how' I choose to live and work and 'how' I will support you.

Whole hearted means to me; being in the present, really being connected to who I'm with, my surroundings and the life I am living. In counselling I offer this to you through putting aside what's gone before and being there for you, really listening and supporting you to work towards whole heartedly living your own life, in the way that feels right for you.


How much will it cost?

 I offer a free 20 minute consultation session to help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you and for you to ask any questions. Following on from this, counselling sessions are charged at £55 per hour.  Payment for sessions is required 48 hours before your appointment by BACS. We can agree on a number of sessions to start with in your first appointment. Everyone is  different so there is no set answer to how many sessions you may need but we would normally agree to an initial 6 sessions and then you can decide from there


A bespoke approach

Counselling is a therapeutic approach that draws on various theories to explain how people's experiences lead to behaviours, feelings and thoughts about others and themselves. Some counsellors specialise in one particular theory or approach and others blend theories. My experience has shown me how unique and different every person is and so my approach is to integrate different approaches to find what is right for each person.  Although the theory I use may change from client to client, what doesn't change is my belief that human beings need to feel safe, they need to feel valued and appreciated for who they are not who they think they should be.


How long are sessions and how often?

Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and are normally held on a weekly basis. I offer a free 20 minute consultation, online or on the phone so you can ask any questions that you have and to talk about what's going on for you and what's brought you to counselling. This first 20 minute session is an opportunity for you to learn more about me and how I work and to decide if I'm the right counsellor for you. After this first consultation if you would like to move forward with  counselling we will look together for a mutually convenient time for sessions to start. Counselling sessions are normally offered at the same time each week on a weekly basis. Sessions can be held in person, online or on the phone. 


Where will my sessions take place?

I offer in person sessions from comfortable and peaceful therapy rooms in a couple of locations across Wiltshire.

You can choose from:​

  • The Therapy Rooms, Chippenham

  • Swindon

We can talk about which option is more suitable or preferred when we have our free online or phone  consultation.

Alternatively I can also offer sessions via an online platform or on the phone.

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