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about heartspace

Growing up, I learnt quickly how having someone who takes the time to really listen to you can make the difference between another bad day and a better one.

That living with the pain of past hurts doesn't get any better by just wishing it away.

I grew up wanting to make a difference to people's day, hating injustice and actively working towards change.

I didn't always know that I wanted to be a counsellor or a coach but I knew that I wanted people to not feel so alone in their suffering.

Heartspace is about making space for you.

It's about moving from your thinking mind into your feeling heart.

Living whole heartedly.

"It's that sense of being part of something bigger you get... like you are connected with yourself, with others and even with the universe."

What is heartspace?

from heartbreak to heartspace

You may be thinking that that sounds great but what I'm describing is just about snippets in life when you get caught up in the moment? That life just can't be like that all the time? 

Perhaps you've  noticed yourself getting caught up in your head, the same old thoughts going round and round. The world feels like it's  moving faster and faster and there's just not enough time. Your head maybe constantly overflowing with what you need to do, what you forgot to do or what you need to do next. It's exhausting.

You're tired, overwhelmed or stressed because you are conscious of the pressure building up in your head and maybe your body too.


We've got used to living in our heads, thinking our thoughts and feelings and when we start to feel them we think that we must have done something wrong and try to avoid them. Maybe you have a drink at the end of a stressful day or stay for an extra hour to get another task off the list done because you don't like this feeling that is creeping up in your body.

Living in your head means that it  feels uncomfortable when emotions start to seep into the body.


You've got used to thinking your feelings not feeling them.


It's easier to avoid the feelings by working harder, keeping busier, eating or drinking more.

This may seem strange but at some point when you were younger you learnt that these feelings were unacceptable. Maybe somebody told you to 'pull yourself together', or not to be a cry baby and you learnt that your tears or your frustrations or your hurt wasn't ok.  As a child when we learn these lessons our only aim is to survive and if this means adapting to get our needs met then we do.


We change ourselves to make ourselves acceptable
to those that we depend on for survival

Now you may be feeling a bit lost, maybe you don't like yourself anymore. You're not sure who you are and you have this feeling like you need to hide away part of yourself. Like there's part of you that's not ok to others.

 Maybe you drink, smoke, take drugs, gamble or over work to try to hide it or try to help others so much that you exhaust yourself? 

You may feel ashamed, guilty, bad after doing these things which only seems to add to the pile of evidence that somehow you are bad, you are unacceptable.

All of this may seem logical at the time because it's what you've told yourselves for years to survive but if you're reading this then maybe you  are wanting more than just survival?






Time to move from your heartbreak to your heartspace.


If you find yourself at this point in your life where you aren't quite sure who you are, or what to do next .

Maybe you know that there's stuff from the past that's got a hold of you and you don't know where to turn?

Then now is the time to call me and take the first step towards a different future.

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Time to draw a line in the sand


07719 930321



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