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Therapeutic Coaching

When your child is struggling with anxiety and worries, it can be hard to know how to help. Is it better to encourage your child to power on through things or support them to avoid the things that increase their worries? 

At heartspace I offer therapeutic coaching to support children over the age of 10 with anxiety, mild phobias and self esteem.

Working with anxiety, worries and self esteem

Imagine if you didn't feel a sense of danger as you stepped to the edge of the pavement to cross the road or if you didn't have a sense that the sharp pain in your foot after you tripped over may be something that needs looking at? If we didn't have a sense of anxiety or concern then life could be dangerous! Anxiety and worry is a necessary part of life. However anxiety can feel overwhelming and stop us doing the things we want to and that's when we need to take action.

Through therapeutic coaching I work with children over the age of 10, to support them with life's worries. I can work with your child to help them understand what anxiety is and what causes it.  I can help them to understand how it effects them and understand what triggers it for them. Once they understand it I will work with them on techniques to support managing it in the moment but also to prepare ahead for things that may increase anxiety.

As they develop their ability to manage their anxiety I then encourage them to share their skills with family members so they become the coach. This supports them to develop their self belief and confidence and in turn they can use what they have learnt to help others.


Therapeutic Coaching

Frequently asked questions...


What is a session like?

Sessions last for 45-50 minutes and are held in person in a comfortable therapy space in Chippenham. I normally start sessions with what I call a 'check in'. This is an opportunity to take  a moment to notice and name your feelings.  Followed by time to talk, play or do activities to help with exploring what issues are being experienced. As we come closer to the end,  we have time to reflect on the time we've spent and what was learnt before coming to an end.


Can I attend the sessions with my child?

I understand that your child coming to coaching can be nerve wracking for both you and them, so I aim to make the process as comfortable as I can for everyone. In our first session I will invite you to attend with your child. We will get to know each other and run through our agreement together. I will then ask them if they are happy for you to wait in the waiting room for the rest of the session so we can start getting to know each other and so they can tell me a bit more about what they want to get from the coaching.

After this if they are happy to, they will attend the sessions on their own. At the end of the session I will bring them back to you either in the waiting room or back to your car.


Will you tell me what my child shares with you?

I believe that for coaching to work, that trust is essential, so it's really important that your child knows that what they share with me in our sessions, I'm not going to share with anyone else.

However, I understand that as a parent that can feel really scary, so I want to reassure you, that I will regularly review with your child about how they feel the sessions are going and feed back to you the information that they are happy for me to share.

I will always share information if I  am concerned about your child's safety or wellbeing. 

I'm happy to speak with you if you have any worries and will share with you anything that I feel may additionally support your child at home or at school.


How much do sessions cost?

Sessions are charged at £55 for 45-50 minutes. I recommend weekly sessions and suggest starting with 6 sessions  with a review of how things are going at 4. If your child feels ready to end, we will work together to prepare for a good ending. If not, we can continue sessions with regular reviews.

Payment is due 48 hours prior to each session by online payment.

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