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Mental health & Wellbeing

The last few years have been really tough and you may be noticing that your resilience and that of those around you, has taken a hit. Maybe it's harder to find the motivation to push forward with things that you used to find easy, or things may be getting on top of you and you find yourself reacting instead of responding. Perhaps your employees or colleagues are having to take more time off sick with stress and issues with anxiety are rising?

If this sounds like you or those around you, perhaps it's time to hit pause and take some time to look at what's going on and what can support you to move forwards.

I offer talks, workshops and group sessions to support charities, businesses and organisations to support their mental health and wellbeing.  So whether you are after a workshop to offer practical techniques to reduce anxiety or activities to support resilience and wellbeing, then get in touch today.



Learning to support yourself through life


How to  bounce back when life knocks you down


How to find your calm in a stressful world

Self belief

Believing in yourself and learning to stand tall

what heartspace clients say

"From start to finish I felt that Cerian was working with me with an arsenal of techniques at her disposal. She instinctively knew what to do and when but gave me enough free reign that while I felt guided and supported I also felt empowered by what 'I' was doing and achieving. I would happily recommend her and will definitely seek her help again should the need arise."

Let's Work Together

Whether you are looking for counselling or coaching, a talk or workshop or something bespoke, get in touch today...

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