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Children & Young People

Young hearts at heartspace have a very special place.

The last few years have been particularly stressful for children, young people and their parents and carers, with lots of new challenges and things to adapt to.  For some, the enforced lockdown meant a temporary reprieve from the usual triggers that led to anxiety but for others too much time without external support increased anxiety and worry and brought new triggers with it.

I work with children over the age of ten using therapeutic coaching or counselling for those over the age of 16, supporting them to talk about their experiences, share their worries and learn tools and techniques to support their wellbeing. 

What I offer:


Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching to support children from the age of 10 with  issues such as anxiety, worry and mild phobias



Counselling for young people over the age of 16 to support with anxiety, growing up, self esteem and trauma


Groups, Workshops & Talks

Workshops and wellbeing groups for children, young people and parents to support resilience and developing positive ways to cope with life


How do sessions work?

As a parent, I know that it's really hard to be happy and positive when your child is struggling and that most parents set out to do the best for their children. There can be many reasons why children and young people start to struggle and the last few years has increased the amount of pressure and stress on young shoulders. Sometimes we all need someone just to listen without judgement and offer support . As a parent it can be hard not to offer opinions or to remain neutral when your child may be suggesting things that worry you.

I work with children and young people to support them to firstly learn about themselves and who they are. To understand what makes them tick and what causes them to worry. To help them understand that  worry and anxiety is a normal part of life and also how they can manage this, if it feels like it's getting too big or out of control.

Young hearts

Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go

Sitting and 'just talking' to an adult who you don't know can be pretty daunting for most people, let alone a child so sessions aren't just about talking but also playing and being creative. When working with children and young people I offer age appropriate activities and resources to make sessions more engaging and relaxed.  This might mean taking time for mindful colouring, playing games or making wellbeing jars. Whatever we are working on, sessions are not just about what's happening now but also learning ways to support your child's mental health for the future.


If you're concerned about your child and want to talk about how therapeutic coaching or counselling can support them, or if you're interested in group work for young people, please get in touch...

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